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If you work remotely, you almost certainly use Zoom. The experience of joining a meeting is something like this (at least for me):

  1. you click on a link in your calendar/letter/slack/application,
  2. opens a new tab in your browser (Safari),
  3. you get an alert like “can I open Zoom?”,
  4. you press “yes,” and Zoom opens.
  5. The tab in the browser stays open.

It gets annoying after a while.

Roman Timushev wrote how you could get rid of extra steps with Hammerspoon and a Lua script:


Hammerspoon should be the default browser and works as a “proxy”: if a link looks like a Zoom-meeting link, then it will open Zoom right away, and if it is not – it will be opened in the browser specified in the script.

I tried this method, and now I do not understand how I lived before.

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