Krisp promo

Online calls are now the most common way to communicate. And usually, if the connection does not fail, the second cause of frustration is external noise: a barking dog, a screaming child, the noise of sirens outside the window.

An incredible discovery of the last days - Krisp, it’s just designed to remove all this “outside noise. I heard about it on a Radio-T podcast and have been testing it for a week.


It’s not perfect, but it works so well that I’ve already stopped turning off my mic and turned some of my colleagues over to Krisp. Listen to the examples at the end of the page; at first, I couldn’t even believe the quality.

There is a version for macOS, iOS, and Windows, also available as a Chrome extension.
The first time is free, and then it’s $40/year.

Starting March 17, for six months, all new users get 120 minutes per week for free. And here’s my referral link: https://ref.krisp.ai/u/u20ec2f25e