Gitmoji promo

Somehow I missed such a thing as Gitmoji (since 2016). It’s the emoji “guide” for commit messages.

For example, if a commit fixes some bug, it suggests writing “🐛” prefix to the message.
Or “🔥” if it removes any code or files. This makes it easy to determine the purpose of the commit by just looking at the emoji used.

It’s an open-source project, and 44 people have already contributed to the list.
Especially nice is that the commits themselves to this file already follow these guidelines:

Note that when you click on an emoji on the site, it gets copied to the clipboard.

And if you don’t want to always go to the site - there’s gitmoji-cli, which serves as a “shell” over the git commit (see screenshot). (MIT)

2020-05-30 Edit