Devs promo

Devs (Hulu, FX), a sci-fi thriller mini-series that explores issues of free will and determinism, was released in late March of this year. The finished story tells the story of engineer Lily Chan. In the not-too-distant future, she investigates the disappearance of her boyfriend after his first day at work in Amaya Corporation’s new department, Devs. What this department does, only a few people know, and is kept in secret.

Eight episodes ≈ 50 minutes each Apple TV:

The series may seem slow due to the long scenes and long pauses in the dialogues, but I enjoyed both the picture and the acting. Nick Offerman plays one of the leading roles, which you may know from the 45-minute clip of him just silently sitting by the fireplace and drinking whiskey:

The room where the “developers” work (in the promo on the right) refers to Menger sponge:

2020-06-04 Edit